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Maximizing windows is weird, too because you cannot one-click maximize without hiding access to other apps. This has something to do with desktop management, which I’m still mastering. Yoodley helps amateur techies and readers solve day-to-day tech problems. With How-To guides, Buying Guides, Product Lists and detailed Informative Writeups, Yoodley makes technology a more understandable and accessible asset for everyone. For those interested, Nova 3 provides native support for CoffeeScript, Cascading Style Sheets , Diff, ERB, Haml, html, INI, JavaScript, JSX and a host of other languages.

  • Crossover lets you run Windows programs on your Mac without the added clunky virtualization software.
  • Also, everything you add to ProofHub notes syncs across all your devices so that your important stuff is always there with you.
  • Custom NotebooksWhether you want to bind your product catalogs or informative booklets, we provide our customers with perfect bound books.
  • Notepads make a great personalized gift and are very inexpensive to make.

You can’t be locked out of your notebook because you don’t have Wi-Fi. I also only really considered general-purpose personal note-taking apps. There are some great super-niche notes apps designed for fiction writers or developers, but they aren’t fit for most people, so weren’t in consideration for a place on this list. Similarly, there are lots of powerful business collaboration tools that claim to be notes apps but just aren’t suitable for one person.

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Notepad2 is a fast and light-weight text editor with syntax highlighting. It is a portable tool and can be run without installation. You could carry it in a thumb drive and use it as your default text editor on any computer. Can you write articles and blog posts in text editors? One small problem is that word processing capabilities are not provided in text editors. Even formatting is not there unless you’re using markdown language.

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Preferences for Advanced Users

For really light wait stuff I can always use the single executable from It will take me some time to figure out if I need it. For me, I never use it by choice on my home PCs, nor Paint 3D, nor the new Calculator. The only bundled applets I use are EUDCEDIT.EXE, Charmap and WordPad. Not looking forward to the Store-ification of those. OTOH, the sooner I can eliminate cruft like the Math Input Panel the better .

You can create or edit TXT and INI files with Notepad 2. You can insert date and/or time, change font, font color, change background color of documents, make its window transparent and stay on top. It has a note window also where you can take short notes. You can insert Date and Time into your text documents. It has syntax highlighting feature for all major web based languages.

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